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Multimedia computer linguistics for the internetwork

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1. Why? - three good reasons for MCI

  1. Fear of death. The computer linguistics lives, but it is not clear, like for a long time still. As long as research funds flow into Orchideenprojekte like the investigation of the genitive inflection into old-Caucasian languages and their implementation into Categorial Unification Grammar, it will not have to be mediated to the public to which this discipline is used. Only basic reorientation can protect our discipline the anger of the masses and our cash pots from the iron savings will of industry and politics.

  2. Riding instruction. Required not only an application orientation (all projects of the MCI are excluding custom-made for your users, because then oh all backers for a long time already call) is, but a structural coupling to the three dominant trends of the ever faster galloping information society, in particular: MULTI, MEDIA and INTERCNetwork.

  3. Also we want to be in. Which is not multimedia, soon will be out. Which does not zappelt in the internetwork, no more humans are gotten shortly to face. The Soviet Union did not have a internetwork, and disappeared splintering from the stage of world history. This fate it applies to protect the computer linguistics - and the computer linguists -.

2. What? - three projects of the multimedia computer linguistics

  1. AUGI : Automatic generation of sub-title with television films transferred by WWW. The technique behind AUGI is EuPaDiP , European parallel Distribuiertes Parsen . The grammar is situated in Berlin (D), the dictionary in Goeteborg (S), the algorithm in Dundee (SCO). everything interconnected by internetwork. Further applications are the Onlineparsen of multilingualer electrical post office, multinational ultrasonic accommodations and multi-regional weather forecasts (project initiator and - conductors: Manfred Stede, Berlin). Not yet promoted by the European union .

  2. PEQIUN : The European Quasselbereinigte Internet university. Ontologie for physicist inside, Physigonomie for the tooth medical profession and Zoologie for ballisticians no longer only in the lecture-room 3 DO Berlin read out, but projeziert by internetwork into all studies of the union. The role of the computer linguistics? Fully automatic, forschungsministerialkompatible, verb-mobile direct translation; automatic cgiable example abstraction with HTLM output. And not least: glossary word-based intelligent filtering of the lecture: If professor Unsinn talks, the computer switches the tone off automatically to do in order to give the studying time, more important: eats, drinks, loves etc. pp. (projects manager: Manfred Stede, Berlin). Also not yet promoted by the European union .

  3. MuVaZuV : Multimedia, fully automatic future forecast. In this project develops the prototype of Char:La:Tan , the multilinguale future program, which structures on experiences of 33 of the large media from all European ashes countries; it forecasts you your quite personal future in 13 languages. All based on the minimumistic principle and parameter theory recognized world-wide . And everything by internetwork. An electrical post office is sufficient, and you know whether you become rich, to remain poor, or tomorrow is perhaps already dead. The program says to you also, where you can find the next medium for personal consultation. (projects manager: Stefan long one, Dundee/Marseille/Schwabing). Promoted of the federation of European schausteller .

3. Who? - three names for quality in the research are: The initiators

There is more information about these promising developments with following personalities. New project suggestions are gladly received and checked in a well-meaning manner; Sponsoring supplies are assumed without further questions.

  1. Stefan Langer

  2. Manfred Stede

  3. anonymus

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Thrice and once the hedge-pig whined.
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