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Note: Since 2004 I am only occasionally at University (when giving courses)

Research Areas

Search engines and Information Retrieval

Support verb constructions

Lexical semantics in electronic dictionaries for NLP, automatic indexing and text retrieval. This is the subject of my current work and was the subject of my doctoral dissertation in computational linguistics at CIS in Munich (1996). The subject of the thesis was the development of a semantic encoding of nouns for the (German) electronic dictionary CISLEX (Click here for an English abstract).

Morphological and semantic analysis of German compound nouns

Applications of computational linguistics in the area of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for people with speech and language disorders. I started my work in this area in 1992 as a researcher within the KOMBE project and wrote DEA-thesis in the framework of this project (Un système d'acquisition lexicale pour le projet KOMBE (A lexical acquisition system for the KOMBE project.
During my stay in Dundee, Scotland (January 1996 to September 1997), I was working within the WordKeys project at the Applied Computing department. Work on the project combined research on electronic dictionaries, text retrieval and AAC.

Publication list

University Education

1992: M.A. in German and Theoretical Linguistics/Nordic languages at the University of Munich. M.A. thesis on Subjectless sentences in German in the framework of the GB-Theory.

1993: D.E.A. Computer Science & Mathematics at the University of Marseille.

1996: Dr.phil. in Computational Linguistics at the University of Munich.

1996/97: Postdoc in at the Applied Computing Department in Dundee.

2007: Habilitation at the University of Munich

Very Special Research Area (VSRA)

A while ago,, there was no research area without some Multimedia component. So, a couple of years ago, we launched these pages on: Multimedia Computational Linguistics!

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