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Prof. Dr. Alexander M. Fraser
Professor für Informations- und Sprachverarbeitung (Professor for Information and Language Processing)
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich)
Centrum für Informations- und Sprachverarbeitung (Center for Information and Language Processing)
Oettingenstraße 67
80538 München

tel.: +49 89 2180-9710

Office: C110
Office hours: by appointment (please email)
Telephone hours: by appointment (please email)

I am the coordinator for the Masters in Computational Linguistics at LMU Munich. This is a mostly German language program (however, in addition to German, you must also have a strong competency in English). For more information about applying to the program, please see this link. If you have questions please first contact our Studienberatung.

Recent Activities


Publications and Research Interests

Curriculum Vitae

ERC Starting Grant (EU Horizon2020)

Health in my Language (HimL) (EU Horizon2020)

Models of Morphosyntax for Statistical Machine Translation (DFG Project (2 phases))

TTC - Terminology Extraction, Translation Tools and Comparable Corpora (EU FP7 Project)

Teaching - Current

Lecture Erweiterungsmodul: Machine Translation (Summer Semester 2020)

Exercise Erweiterungsmodul: Machine Translation (Summer Semester 2020)

Current Topics in NLP (Deep Learning and Neural Machine Translation) (Summer Semester 2020, Fraser, Schütze)

Teaching - Past

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Viktor Hangya, ERC

Dr. Jindřich Libovický, ERC

Dr. Marion Di Marco (nee Weller), ERC

Dr. Matthias Huck, 04/2016-03/2020, ERC and HimL

Dr. Fabienne Braune, 01/2016-12/2017, ERC and HimL (also Morphosyntax 2)

Dr. Aleš Tamchyna, 01/2017-04/2017. HimL and ERC (jointly supervised with Prof. Jan Hajic, Charles University Prague)

Dr. Tsuyoshi Okita, 01/2016-12/2016, ERC

Dr. Liane Guillou, 04/2016-09/2016, HimL

Ph.D. Students

Alexandra Chronopoulou 09/2019-

Dario Stojanovski 06/2017-

Anita Ramm (nee Gojun), 05/2013-03/2018, Modeling the position and inflection of verbs in English to German machine translation. First position after graduation: BeOne Stuttgart GmbH.

Marion Weller-Di Marco (nee Weller) (with Schulte im Walde), 12/2011-09/2017, Using Morpho-Syntactic and Semantic Information to Improve Statistical Machine Translation. First position after graduation: Post-doc at University of Amsterdam with Khalil Sima'an.

Fabienne Braune (with Maletti), 10/2009-11/2015, Decoding Strategies for Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation. First position after graduation: Post-doc on deep learning and comparable corpora in my group.

Fabienne Cap (nee Fritzinger), 10/2009-10/2014, Morphological Processing of Compounds for Statistical Machine Translation. First position after graduation: Post-doc at Uppsala with Joakim Nivre.

Nadir Durrani (with Schmid), 04/2008-11/2012, A Joint Translation Model With Integrated Reordering. First position after graduation: Post-doc with Philipp Koehn, U. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Hassan Sajjad (with Schmid), 04/2008-10/2012, Statistical Models for Unsupervised, Semi-supervised and Supervised Transliteration Mining. First position after graduation: Research Scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute.

Masters Students (Selected)

Fabienne Braune (U. Freiburg, Switzerland), Masters in Computer Science, Analysing and Improving Unsupervised Sentence Alignment, completed 09/2009

Valentin Deyringer, Masters in Computational Linguistics, Parallelization of Neural Machine Translation, completed 08/2016

Fabienne Fritzinger, Diplom in Computational Linguisics, Extracting Multiword Expressions from Parallel Text, completed 08/2008

Anita Gojun, Diplom in Computational Linguistics, Null Subjects in Statistical Machine Translation: A Case Study on Aligning English and Italian Verb Phrases with Pronominal Subjects, completed 08/2010

Stefan Schätz, Masters in Computational Linguistics, Producing German Compounds in Statistical Machine Translation through Phrase Table Enrichment, completed 08/2016

Jekaterina Siilivask, Masters in Computational Linguistics, Statistical Machine Translation of Russian with Full Morphological Generalization, completed 08/2016

Renjing Wang, Diplom in Computer Science, Self-Training for German Parsing, completed 09/2011

Marion Weller, Diplom in Computational Linguistics, An Empirical Analysis of Source Context Features for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation, completed 08/2010

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