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Digital Humanities

Workshop September 14/15,  2015

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 Digital Humanities

The humanities are of fundamental importance to humankind. Economic power, political decisions and the way we communicate in a global world are ultimately shaped by the subjects that the humanities study: knowledge, ideas, attitudes, values and their transmission over time and between groups of people.

The methodology of the humanities is changing rapidly because of mass digitization. It is likely that all printed material and all cultural artifacts will be easily accessible in electronic form in the future.

These developments are giving rise to the new field of digital humanities. In addition to established research methods, digital humanists take advantage of scientific advances in computer science, in particular in natural language processing, and use new computational methods for quantitative analysis, for rapid and precise identification of pertinent sources and for meaningful inspection of collections of items as opposed to sequential viewing of individual items. When accessing and analyzing the entire corpus of relevant material at once, the digital humanist can pose new types of questions that up to this point could not be answered.

Digital Humanities Research at CIS

The Center for Information and Language Processing (CIS) conducts basic research in natural language processing and information retrieval. Many results of this research are directly relevant to the digital humanities. For example, we work on advanced text preprocessing methods. This benefits the digital humanities because most automatic analysis of language in digital form requires some form of preprocessing that recognizes words and their function in context.

In addition, there are five ongoing research efforts at CIS that specifically focus on digital humanities research questions. We give one-sentence summaries below and invite you to follow the links to learn more about each project. 

Digital Humanities Publications