CIS-Bibliothek - Institutsberichte

H.J.Verkuyl and A.Bende-Farkas On Hungarian Noun Phrase Structure uil-ots-97-003/TL-CL 1997
H.J.Verkuyl Events as Dividuals: Aspectual Composition and Event Semantics uil-ots-97-004/TL-CL 1997
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Paul Dekker Reference and Representation ILLC-LP-96-12 1996
Jelle Gerbrandy and Willem Groeneveld Reasoning about Information Change ILLC-LP-96-10 1996
Jaap van der Does, Willem Groeneveld and Frank Veltman An Update of MIGHT ILLC-LP-96-09 1996
A.S.Troelstra From Constructivism to Computer Science ILLC-CT-96-02 1996
Lex Hendriks Intuitionistic Propositional Logic with only Equivalence has no Interpolation ILLC-ML-96-13 1996
Hiroakira Ono Decidability and finite model property of substructural logics ILLC-ML-95-09 1995
Kees Doets Proper Classes ILLC-ML-96-04 1996
Hajnal Andreka, Johan van Benthem and Istvan Nemeti Modal Languages and Bounded Fragments of Predicate Logic ILLC-ML-96-03 1996
Domenico Zamella On Forcing in Bounded Arithmetic ILLC-ML-96-02 1996
Chris Thornton Brave Mobots Use Representation CSS-401 1995
Chris Thornton Parity: The Problem that Won't Go Away CSS-400 1995
Chris Thornton Why GAs are Hard to Use CSS-399 1995
Jamwes V.Stone A Canonical Microfunction for Learning Perceptual Invariances CSS-398 1995
Adrian Thompson , INman Harvey and Philip Husbands Unconstrained Evolution and Hard Consequences CSS-397 1995
Ibrahim Kuscu Incrementally Learning the Rules for Supervised Tasks: The Monk's Problem CSS-396 1995
A.Jonathan Howell and Hilary Buxton Receptive Field Functions for Face Recognition CSS-391 1995
A.Jonathan Howell and Hilary Buxton Receptive Field Functions for Face Recognition CSS-391 1995
Ezequiel A. Di Paolo A Computational Model of Speciation in Non-Uniform Environments Without Physical Barriers CSS-412 1996
Sadhana Puntambekar and Benedict du Boulay Investigating the Changes in the Metacognitive Activities of Students while Interacting with a Computer Tool CSS-411 1996
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Giles Mayley No Pain, No Gain: Landscapes , Learning Costs and Genetic Assimilation CSS-409 1996
Margaret A.Boden Consciousness and Human Identity: An Interdisciplinary Perspective CSS-405 1996
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Remedios de Dios Bulos Goal Feasibility Assessment: Architecture, Representation and Control Strategy CSS-403 1996
Remedios de Dios Bulos Goal Detection: Representation, Mechanism , Architecture CSS-402 1996
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Johan van Benthem Dynamic Bits and Pieces LP-97-01 1997
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Alexander Keller Instant Radiosity FBI-IB 287/97 1997
Frank Isselhard, Guido Brunnett, Thomas Schreiber Polyhedral Reconstruction of 3D Objects by Tetrahedra Removal FBI-IB 288/97 1997
Stefan Heinrich Monte Carlo Complexity of Global Solution of Integral Equations FBI-IB 289/97 1997
J.Thees, R.Gotzhein Leistungsbewertung automatisch generierter Protokollimplementierungen mit Estelle - eine Bestandsaufnahme FBI-IB 209/97 1997
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Steven Givant and Yde Venema The Preservation of Sahlqvist Equations in Completions of Boolean Algebras with Operators ML-1998-05 1998
Yde Venema Points, Lines and Diamonds: a Two-Sorted Modal Logic for Projective Planes ML-1998-04 1998
Renata Wasserman Resource Bounded Belief revision LP-1998-04 1998
Renata Wasserman On Structured Belief Bases - Preliminary Report CT-1998-02 1998
Hans de Nivelle Resolution Decided the Guarded Fragment CT-1998-01 1998
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Maarten Marx Relation Algebras Can Tile PP-1999-01 1999
Maarten Marx Relativized Relation Algebras PP-1999-02 1999
Kazushige Terui Labelled Tableau Calculi Generating Simple Models for Substructural Logics P-1999-04 1999
Maarten Marx Failure of Interpolation in Combined Modal Logics PP-1999-03 1999
Hans Rott Coherence and Conservation in the Dynamics of Belief. Part I PP-1999-05 1999
Rosalie Iemhoff On the Admissible Rules of Intuitionistic Propositional Logic P-1999-08 1999
Rosalie Iemhoff On the Admissible Rules of Intuitionistic Propositional Logic P-1999-08 1999
Jaap Kamps, Laszlo Polos Reducing Uncertainty: A Formal Theory of Organizations in Action PP-1999-09 1999
Jaap Kamps, Laszlo Polos Reducing Uncertainty: A Formal Theory of Organizations in Action PP-1999-09 1999
Paul Dekker The Semantics of Dynamic Conjunction P-1999-11 1999
Paul Dekker Coreference and Representation P-1999-12 1999
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Christof Monz, Maarten De Rijke A Tableau Calculus for Pronoun Resolution PP-1999-14 1999
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Alexander Keller Hierarchical Monte Carlo Image Synthesis Uni-KL-FBI-298/99 1999
Stefan Heinrich Wavelet Monte Carlo Methods for the Global Solution of Integral Equations Uni-KL-FBI-299/99 1999
Stefan Heinrich The Multilevel Methods of Dependent Tests Uni-KL-FBI-300/99 1999
Carlos Areces, Patrick Blackburn, Maarten Marx Hybrid Logics. Characterization, Interpolation and Complexity PP-1999-07 1999
Maarten Marx Amalgamation in Finite Dimensional Cylindric Algebras PP-1999-06 1999
Eva Hoogland Algebraic Characterization of Various Beth Definability Properties PP-1999-10 1999
Paul Kirchberg, Otto Mayer Integration temporallogischer Verarbeitungskonzepte in C++ UNI-KL-FBI-294/97 1997
A.Disch, p.Jacob, M.Muenchhofen A 3D-Modelling 7 Visualization-Toolkit for web-based Applications UNI-KL-FBI-295/98 1998
A.Disch, p.Jacob, M.Muenchhofen A 3D-Modelling 7 Visualization-Toolkit for web-based Applications UNI-KL-FBI-295/98 1998
Stefan Heinrich, Eugene Sindambiwe Monte Carlo Complexity of Parametric Integration UNI-KL-FBI-297/98 1998
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uil-ots = Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS
IILC = Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Univ.Amsterdam
CSRP =Cognitive Science Research Papers, Univ.of Sussex at Brighton (Inventarisiert unter CSS)
FBI-IB =Univ.Kaiserslautern, FB Informatik, Interne Berichte

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