Book Chapters

  • Daniel Sonntag, Pinar Wennerberg, Paul Buitelaar, Sonja Zillner (2009). Pillars of Ontology Treatment in the Medical Domain. In: Yannis Kalfoglou (ed.) Cases on Semantic Interoperability for Information Systems Integration: Practices and Applications. IGI Global.
  • Hristo Tanev, Pinar Oezden Wennerberg (2008). Learning to Populate an Ontology of Politically Motivated Violent Events. In: Domenico Perrotta, Jakub Piskorski, Francoise Soulie-Fogelman and Ralf Steinberger (eds.): Mining Massive Data Sets for Security. IOS Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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Journal Papers
  • Pinar Wennerberg, Klaus Schulz, Paul Buitelaar (2010).Ontology Modularization to Improve Semantic Medical Image Annotation. Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JBI), Special Issue on Translational Ontologies. Elsevier. (to appear)
  • Daniel Sonntag, Pinar Wennerberg, Paul Buitelaar, Sonja Zillner (2009).Ontology Treatment in the Medical Domain. Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT), IGI Global.
Conference Papers
Workshops and Posters
Technical Reports
  • Oezden Wennerberg Pinar (2005). Ontology-based Knowledge Discovery in Social Networks. Final report. JRC Ispra.